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Frequently asked questions regarding the new address marker signs

Why do we need to have the signs?
The county has mandated that all townships have address signs for each developed property to assist the emergency response vehicles (police, ambulance, and fire) in locating an address in the shortest amount of time possible when minutes can matter a great deal.

Are the signs reflective?
Yes, the lettering is reflective and larger than the usual plain signs.

Have there been problems with the design?
The design has had some revisions while in the planning phase leading to a strong and stable design that has not had any problems. The base length was increased during the planning phase and does not need to be altered in any way since it has been completed.

Will the signs rust easily?
The sign is powder coated steel for an extended life.

I already have an address marker, why do I need to pay for another one?
The county requires that all signs within a township must be uniform. Following an informal survey, and then the newsletter survey sent to all addresses in the township, the Town Board voted to follow the wishes of the people who voted 2:1 for the fancy sign in the newsletter survey.

How do I pay for the sign?
A payment coupon was included in the 2008 tax notice for payment by Jan. 31. This is preferred, as it will save the township time and money (that would need to be paid for with your general taxes), and it is convenient for the taxpayer to pay while paying taxes. Those that have not paid will be sent a notice after the sign is installed. Any unpaid sign will be accessed as a special charge on the 2009 tax statement in accordance with Wisconsin ordinance 66.0627. The $30 fee includes installation.

Who will install the signs?
The town workers will be installing the signs in a uniform manner throughout the township. The uniformity is required, and the conformity will increase the usefulness of the signs.

How will they be installed?
The signs will be set in cement so that the signs will be very stable.

When will they be installed?
Installation will begin as soon as the ground allows this spring of 2009.


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